Gen Matsuda’s amazing journey at CPAC 2021

We at ETA Holdings have been following the journey of our business partner, Gen Matsuda, CEO of Beat Holdings Limited(BHL), at CPAC 2021.

February 2021.

This is the date of the annual CPAC, which is run by the American Conservative Union, the largest conservative organization in the United States.

CPAC2021 will be held in Florida this year, and President Trump has been announced as a participant in this major event.

Gen Matsuda arrived in Florida for the event.

He recognized that anti-fraud measures using his own blockchain technology would be very effective in the United States, and decided to attend CPAC2021 to discuss and gather information for future marketing and blockchain social networking.

From February 26 to 28, Gen Matsuda visited various booths and actively interacted with, for example, the National Rifle Association and the Heritage Foundation, which was present at the event. In particular, the Heritage Foundation is interested in blockchain technology and plans to actively discuss and debate the issue in the future.

In the process, CEO Gen Matsuda met JIM MCLAUGHLIN, who was also a speaker at CPAC2021.

Jim is a polling expert, strategic consultant, and political strategist who has helped elect the President of the United States, Prime Minister, President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House. He has worked for over 70 Congressmen, 14 Senators, 10 Governors, numerous Mayors, and many other elected officials. He has also worked as a consultant and market research strategist for Fortune 500 companies.

In fact, Gen Matsuda and ETA's team had met with Jim and his team on one of their projects and had a heated discussion.

As a result, that project could not be continued due to external factors, but Jim remembers it well, and Gen Matsuda and Jim had a friendly exchange of words.

Blockchain technology is the solution to the problem of rigged elections in the United States. ETA has already started to develop blockchain social media in the US with the help of Gen Matsuda. It is important to ensure freedom of speech for conservatives, the spread of objective information, and the transparency of that information so that it can never be falsified.

This is the future that Gen Matsuda is aiming for.

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