Future of block chain-based products

I’m Yasushi Kikuta, the managing director of ETA HOLDINGS. We are licensed by Beat Holdings Limited, the listed company in Japan led by Gen Matsuda, to do marketing two blockchain-based products in North America, Inou and CMWT.

The year 2020 was the biggest tumultuous one. The U.S. presidential election was marked by numerous debates and lawsuits about vote fraud. Numerous irregularities have been alleged.

We strongly believe that we need to prevent this kind of fraud, we will make effective use of the blockchain technology of Beat Holdings Limited.

Mr. Gen Matsuda made the following presentation on the potential of blockchain to the world at CPAC2020.

CPAC 2020 — New Voting Technology

We at ETA HOLDINGS believe that blockchain is a technology that will change the world. The world needs a social network that is immutable and transparent. Inou and CMWT show one possible solution to this.

Soon, we will be able to show the potential of these software. I hope you all enjoy it.

ETA HOLDINGS Managing Director / JBLC Director Yasushi Kikuta

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